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Costa Rica Las Lajas Red Honey

Costa Rica Las Lajas Red Honey

by Tom Wilkinson

Costa Rica Finca Sabanilla, Las Lajas Micro-Mill

Red Honey Process/Catuai, Caturra and Villa Sarchi Arabicas/1450-1600m

Oscar and Francisco Chacon are pioneering producers who have been at the forefront of Costa Rica's speciality coffee industry since 2005 when they joined the emerging micro-mill revolution and bought their first de-pulper. Instead of delivering their cherries to the local co-operative they were able to exert more control over the quality and price of their green coffees by processing themselves on their farm near Apanas Lake. Despite a lack of previous experience they soon began producing some outstanding and experimental lots. Acknowledged as some of the first farmers in in the country to produce honey and natural processed coffees Oscar and Francisca have continued to innovate, incorporating African drying beds and extending and adapting fermentation during drying with great success. We love the coffees they create and are thrilled to be able to offer once again a red honey and natural processed coffee from their micro-mill.

The first to hit our single estate list is the red honey, a super-bright and juicy coffee that is lots of fun to brew and drink. Upon grinding I got lots of sweet milk chocolate and raspberry aromas and when brewing this evolved to include layers of spice and winey complexity. In the cup I enjoyed the tangy red fruit notes of raspberry and redcurrant alongside a herbal citrus character that reminded me of sorrel leaves and lemongrass.  The body is full and although there is lots of acidity, the milk chocolate sweetness is more than up to the task of balancing it. This is a really lively and summery coffee that is reminiscent of summer pudding and raspberry sorbet and would doubtless make a super-refreshing iced filter. I'll be sure to try it if the sun decides to come back and play. I struggled to balance the acidity when brewing as an espresso which is why we recommend this coffee for other brewing methods but I'm sure there are people out there who'll disagree!

Tasting notes - Sweet forest fruits, sorrel, vibrant and juicy

Suitable for - Non-espresso brewing methods

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