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Dark Woods Wins 10 Awards in the Great Taste Awards 2017!

Dark Woods Wins 10 Awards in the Great Taste Awards 2017!

by Ian Agnew

Last year, the Dark Woods team were smiling when we won our very first Great Taste Awards, organized by the Guild of Fine Food. It felt like a very momentous occasion to win with two of our favourite products, especially as it was the first time we had entered. And then things got even better; our 3 Star award for Under Milk Wood led not only to it being named in the prestigious “Top 50” food and drink products for 2016 but it then went on to win the Golden Fork from the North of England in the big awards ceremony. Click here to see Under Milk Wood

Well this year we’re all smiles once again. In the 2017 Great Taste Awards, we’ve won an incredible 10 awards for our specialty coffees, which was an award for every product that we entered. We won three 3 Star awards, three 2 Star awards and four 1 Star awards in Great Taste. Only 165 products out of 12,600 achieved the highest accolade of 3 Star, so we’re buzzing at this news.

We’ll be taking more about these products in the next month, especially as there’s an extra special connection with each of the 3 Star winners.

Thanks to everyone who’s already sent us kind wishes, and to our wonderful producer partners whose hard work in growing and processing the coffees gives us the fantastic raw materials to work with.

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