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Great Taste Awards 2021

Great Taste Awards 2021

by Damian

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve won 13 awards in the 2021 Great Taste Awards, the annual speciality food and drink competition run by the Guild of Fine Food. This includes two prestigious 3 Star awards, nine 2 Star awards and two 1 star awards. Some of our favourite coffees have won, including Under Milk Wood, Crow Tree, Common Grounds Barrel Aged coffee, Black Hill coffee pods & five incredible lots from La Huella “Café de Panama”.

Thanks to the team at the roastery for their daily efforts and care and attention to detail in roasting, packing and consistency. But a huge thank you in particular to our producer partners at origin, some of who we’ll be talking about more in the weeks to come as we explore some of the techniques used to prepare these award winners. Their artisanal approach in creating these coffees – using varietals, respecting the local terroir and undertaking unique processing that delivers in the aromas and flavours – is what sets them apart.

So a big shout out in particular to Pedro and the team at La Huella, who have helped deliver incredible, unique coffees year on year; to Paul and team at Mikava in Colombia for their outstanding, distinctive Gesha coffees (this 3 star entry was a carbonic maceration with extended fermentation and unique drying process), and to Ashenafi at Ardent in Ethiopia, another leader in sourcing and coffee processing.

Here are the award winners below, with some of the judges comments! Read more here

3 Star Great Taste Awards

Panama La Huella “Café de Panama” Natural

 “…stone fruit and toasted tea cakes, cheese rind and higher citrus notes that come together in a musical symphony that plays beautifully in the mouth. Very complex and esoteric, and we were fascinated and delighted together.”

This 3 Star award is the fifth year in a row that this coffee has been decorated, with a 3 Star (and Top 50 award) in 2017, 2 Star 2018, 3 Star (and Golden Fork award) in 2019 and 2 Star in 2020. Buy La Huella Natural here

Colombia Mikava 100% Gesha Carbonic Maceration

There is an instant intensity of tropical fruit flavours. A complex and refined filter coffee that delivers on every level. Intense, slightly jammy, and full of vibrancy.”

2 Star Great Taste Awards

Ethiopia Ardent Yirgacheffe Anaerobic Natural

“Fabulous aroma, bold with jasmine – a very complex nose. This continues into the flavour which has layer upon layer and is rounded, with lots of tropical fruits and hints of chocolate and floral notes.” Buy Ethiopia Ardent Yirgacheffe here.

Under Milk Wood

“There's a lovely initial sweetness to this espresso, a thick, syrupy body, and a pleasant depth of flavour that delivers a very clean, satisfying, biscuity finish.” Buy Under MIlk Woods here

Crow Tree

“A good body and some initial acidity with balanced bitter green vegetal notes and dark cocoa characteristics.” Buy Crow Tree here

Common Grounds Barrel Aged

 “…a highly perfumed, winey aroma - accentuated by the Bourbon barrel aging. Immensely perfumed on the palate, this coffee delivers whisky and Parma violets in perfect harmony. This producer has gone all out with fermented flavours, but has achieved an impressive balance, followed by a finish that goes on and on.” Buy Common Grounds here

Black Hill (coffee pods)

“This looks the business - dark and sultry with a good crema. There is a bold fruity acidity along with the characteristic bitter coffee notes. There is real flavour there…” Buy Black Hill Nespresso pods here.

Panama La Huella “Café de Panama” 100% Gesha Natural

 “There's a great aroma to the beans – biscuity with a funky background note. Sweet and fruity, it recalls strawberry cheesecake. Quite an elegant finish, light, but with levels of interest.”

Panama La Huella “Café de Panama” Black Honey (Gesha Signature)

“It gives a full, funky flavour with boozy notes and a delicious sweetness… We enjoyed its distinct and interesting blackcurrant note and the pleasing stewed fruit on the back note.”

Panama La Huella “Café de Panama” Red Honey

“Its caramel cherry notes underscore the great flavour. Thoroughly enjoyable.”

Panama La Huella “Café de Panama” 100% Gesha Honey

This is lovely, complex and floral, gently sweet, with citrus notes that hint at bergamot, and a long floral, sweet finish. A lovely coffee, to be savoured slowly - a great coffee both for those who don't want anything too full-bodied, yet with plenty of layers to delight the serious coffee drinker.”

 1 Star Great Taste Awards


“Light to medium roast, this is light and has pleasant acidity and sharpness together with some sweetness and funk.” Buy Arboretum here

Costa Rica Las Lajas Natural

“A hint of a fermented and winey aroma, with plenty of fruit on the nose as well. There is plenty of fruity and fermented character that continues on the palate, with more of that winey taste and a balanced acidity. Good level of sweetness with a clean finish and good complexity.” Buy Costa Rica Las Lajas here




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