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Ice Ice Baby

Thursday 23rd May 2019

Ice Ice Baby

by Tom Wilkinson

Summer is almost upon us and if it's going to be even half as hot as last year then you'd be advised to start thinking about adding some iced  options to your tea and coffee menus. In order to give you some inspiration I've put together a few simple and tasty options that all use existing products in the Dark Woods range. Enjoy!

Simple Iced Latte - Super easy and very popular

- Half fill a 12-14oz cup with ice and top with cold milk

- Add a dash of simple sugar syrup or vanilla syrup (optional, but cold coffee tastes more bitter than hot)

- Brew a fresh double espresso and pour into your sweetened cup of iced milk

Vietnamese Iced Coffee - A sweeter and more decadent twist on Iced Latte

- Brew a stronger than usual filter coffee (say 80g/l rather than the usual 60g)*

- Allow to cool and then pour over a cup of ice. You can always keep any extra in the fridge for a few days

- Drizzle on two tablespoons of condensed milk (or more to taste)

*If don't have means to brew filter coffee you can always use a double espresso and around 6oz cold water instead

Iced Pourover - A quicker and more delicious take on cold brew (makes approx. 500ml)

- Take an appropriately sized jug or carafe and fill with 200g of ice

- Rinse the paper filter of your chosen pourover brewer (V60, Kalitta Wave) with hot water

- Place your brewer on top of the jug and add 33g coffee at a slightly finer grind that you would usually for filter

- Pour around 70g of 90-95c water on your coffee and stir well to wet the grinds. Leave to bloom for 1 minute

- Now add 230g water in stages. Aim for 2-3 minutes of total brew time and don't ever let the grinds dry out

- Swirl the jug or carafe until the coffee is really cold 

- Pour into an glass with more ice and serve. Any excess will stay tasty for a day or two if kept well chilled

Any lighter roasted coffee works well here but I really liked fruity and bright ones such as our La Huella Panama Natural or Kenya Natural


Sparkling Iced Tea - A versatile and very refreshing method for iced tea

Brew a double strength batch of your preferred tea and set aside to cool. We had lots of fun playing with the Canton range of loose and bagged teas and found that we got especially good results with Earl Grey, Mango Noir, Rose and Lychee and Jade Green Sencha

- Make a simple sugar syrup by dissolving 1 part white sugar to one part water

- Sweeten your tea base to taste and pour over ice before topping up with sparkling water or your favourite soda. I really enjoyed Earl Grey tea paired with sparkling elderflower and a slice of orange (pictured) and here I omitted the sugar syrup as the soda was plenty sweet enough. Another good combination was Jade Green Sencha with sparkling water, fresh mint and a wedge of grapefruit but the options are endless. Get creative and send us your best ideas!


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