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New Coffees October 2019 (Part 1)

New Coffees October 2019 (Part 1)

by Tom Wilkinson

1.Ethiopia - Maru Admasu

Washed process / Heirloom Arabicas/ 1904m

We are delighted to present this exclusive micro-lot from producer Maru Admasu. Unusually for Ethiopian coffee this is a single-producer coffee rather than the product of a collective of small-holder producers. He grows coffee at high-altitude near Hafursa Waro close the famous region of Yirgecheffe. We jumped at the chance to purchase this tiny lot which was restricted to just two 60kg bags, both for it's unusual backstory and classically refined flavour profile.

Hints of fragrant blueberry and floral vanilla are a pleasing counterpoint to the typically zesty lemon acidity that you would expect of coffees from this region. It is unusual to get this much berry fruit in a washed Yirgecheffe and the overall effect is pleasantly reminiscent of lemon iced blueberry muffins. I normally steer clear of washed Ethiopian coffees for espresso as I find their lack of body and high acidity unsuited to the brewing method but this coffee really works. The softer berry notes really come through alongside buttery notes of shortbread and a fuller than usual body for this type of coffee.

Tasting notes – Blueberry, vanilla, lemon icing, shortbread

Suitable for – All brewing methods

2.Ethiopia - Guyato Bedacho

Natural process / Heirloom Arabicas / 2082m

Our second Ethiopian coffee this month is also a single-producer lot and it's a cracker. Grown and carefully sun-dried by producer Guyato Bedacho at very high altitude near Chelchelie, this coffee stands as a testament to her hard work and fully deserves to be held up as an example of why single producer coffees can be well worth seeking out.

In the cup expect a wonderfully soft and syrupy mouthfeel with a delicate floral character that is perhaps less common in naturally processed Ethiopian coffees than in their washed counterparts. I detected notes of ripe stone fruit such as peach and apricot and a fragrant sweetness that reminded me of honeysuckle and vanilla. Surprisingly this delicate fragrance survives espresso brewing and makes for a stunning and complex shot both with or without milk. I really like this coffee both for it's versatility and for it's soft and gentle character and I think you will too!

Tasting notes – Apricot, vanilla, honeysuckle, soft

Suitable for – All brewing methods

3. Costa Rica - Finca Sabana Redonda, Las Lajas Micro-mill

Natural process/ Caturra, Catuai and Villa Sarchi Arabicas/ 1450m

This is the second coffee we've taken from Oscar and Francesa Chacon, esteemed producers who were among the first to experiment successfully with natural and honey processes in Costa Rica. This experience has clearly paid off as both examples are exceptionally bright, clean and fruit forward. Not only are their coffees exceptional but their mill is one of the few in the area that certified Organic and they take many steps to minimise impact that farming has on the local environment.

With this coffee there is a juicy, bright and berried fruit character with strong notes of raspberry and blackberry to be enjoyed alongside a zingy lemon acidity. Think fresh fruit coulis with a big squeeze of citrus and you won't be far wrong. The body is silky and there is a balancing brown sugar and toffee sweetness in the finish. I personally think this coffee really is best enjoyed black but I'm sure there are plenty of people who would enjoy it in a smaller milk drink where the jammy berry notes sit well with milk provided you can dial in a brew recipe that tempers the relatively high acidity.

Tasting notes – Raspberry, blackberry, lemon, silky

Suitable for – All brewing methods

Note - For the first time in a while we've got a wide range of versatile coffees on our seasonal singles list which can be brewed both as espresso and soft brew using the same roast profile. If you are buying any of these coffees for espresso use we'd love to know how you get on and what recipes work for you! - email

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