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Producer Focus - Sebastian Ramirez's El Placer

Producer Focus - Sebastian Ramirez's El Placer

by Damian

Sebastian Ramirez's El Placer, based in Calarca, Quindio, is a truly pioneering farm. We really feel that Sebastian is a producer at the top of his game right now, delivering complex, yet delicious and drinkable, coffees.

Working with Sebastian and El Placer started as a new relationship for us in 2021, and we've continued to buy a range of his unique micro and nano-lots. We were introduced by our friend and supply partner, Roger Zapata of Los Cafes Del Arriero.

Quindio is the beautiful heart of the Colombian coffee belt, and Finca El Placer, in Calarca is owned by fourth-generation producer Sebastian Ramirez who has been running the estate for over 10 years. He utilises washed, honey and natural processing with a twist, and has a beautiful array of heritage varietals, including Geisha, Red, Pink & Yellow Bourbon and Wush Wush. All processing undergoes extended, carbonic fermentation and Sebastian also adds coffee "must" from the cherries to aid flavour development during the long fermentation. The coffees are then slowly dried on patios and raised tables.

Working closely with a local laboratory has helped Sebastian to understand more about the flora (localised yeasts and bacteria) that are key players in the fermentation, and effectively use selected micro-organisms as ingredients (extracted from the leached juices from the cherries), by inoculating the coffee. New coffees by Sebastian will be released on our website next week (14th November onwards) 


We are also proud to launch a batch of new coffees by Sebastian Ramirez at this weekend’s Manchester Coffee Festival, also alongside our good friends at Siop Shop and Grapefruit.

Launching at MCF on batch filter and Reserve coffee tins: ‘Pink Bourbon IPA’ - a 200hrs honey processed coffee. This Session fermentation process includes the addition of yeast and hops to produce an IPA style. In this particular batch, lactobacillus / lactic acid has been introduced during fermentation to drives deeper, more complex flavours. It's sweet, juicy and full of vibrant citrus, spice and tropical fruit notes.

We have a sneak preview of two more of Sebastian’s  coffee released exclusively in store at Siop Shop (this weekend from Friday 11th) and Grapefruit (next weekend Friday 18th). “Yellow Fruits” and “Purple Fruits” these are fruit infusion coffees and a bit of well-kept secret - these beans are rare, not because no one is doing them, but because of the recipe, Sebastian has created. These are both fun, and bursting with aromatics and big flavours. We hope you enjoy them!

For all of Sebastian’s ' coffees, the process starts with the pre-selection of ripe cherries at the trees, followed by another selection by floating the cherries in water. Only the ripe cherries at the bottom of the tank are selected. Then another manual selection takes place to ensure that only the best cherries undergo processing. 

Alongside launching Sebastian’s filter coffees at MCF, we will have plenty of retail bags, Airscape tubs with refillable beans, espresso selections, gift ideas and much more; come and see us on stand C1.

All Proceeds from this weekend’s Manchester Coffee Festival will be going to their chosen charity partner: “Famer’s Voice Radio” – see you there!

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