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Removing Caffeine With Kindness

Wednesday 7th February 2024

Removing Caffeine With Kindness

by Admin

For our much-loved Lamplight Decaf we have always used washed Central American coffees that have been "Swiss Water Processed". This means they are decaffeinated in fresh water without the use of the kind of harsh chemicals associated with cheaper processes. It is scary to think that many commercial-grade decaf coffees have spent time in the kind of industrial solvents that you’d really prefer to be kept as far away from your kitchen as possible. 

Our signature decaffeinated coffee is bought directly from the Asproagro Community farm and then forwarded on to be de-caffeinated by a third party – thereby giving us full control of the supply chain. Up until last year, we, like most roasters, were restricted to buying only the decaffeinated green coffees offered to us by importers. 

It gives us great pleasure to be able to buy more coffee from Asproagro, a female co-op in remote Peru who provide stunning caffeinated coffee for Crow Tree and for our Producer series!

Quite apart from the fact that paint stripper and nail varnish remover have no place in our morning coffee, removing caffeine using SWP is gentler on the coffee which allows its crowd-pleasing origin character to shine. Decaffeination with this method also lowers bitterness whilst imparting a rich, fruitcake-like sweetness which compliments the coffee’s natural clean and bright flavours perfectly.

Deliciously brewed in every method, Lamplight is a coffee without caffeine or compromise. Purchase here

If you’d like to get your geek on about SWP, please check out the lovely diagram below.

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