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On one level roasting is a simple process, but closer inspection discovers infinite complexities. Subtle changes in temperature and time unlocking the potential of each speciality bean. And that’s why the right equipment, and years of experience, makes all the difference.



We roast each batch of coffee in a gas-fired, 1950’s German drum roaster - a Probat UG22. It’s experienced more coffee adventures than us and for that we’re grateful. The heavy cast iron construction of these original Probat roasters is famed for delivering great depth of flavour to your espresso beans; like cooking in a solid cast iron pan.

To complement the old technology we use Cropster software to monitor the profiles of each batch we roast, both to ensure consistency and to help discover the very best aromas and flavours from each coffee. (The pictures show the sorry state our UG Roaster was discovered in and how it was lovingly refurbished) We also have a smaller modern 5kg Probat Probatone Roaster as well. This gives us the flexibility to roast smaller batches of exclusive filter coffees fresh to order.

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Our coffee

Dark Woods’ desire for inclusivity informs our roasting and blending philosophy.

Crow Tree


Good Morning Sunshine


Under Milk Wood


Arboretum Espresso


Snow Stone


Lamplight Decaf


Deer Hill


Single Estate Coffees


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