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Producer Focus - Serra e Leite

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Tales from beyond the woods

Casa Café Femenino - International Women’s Day 2024

B- Corp Month continues throughout March and to coincide with this week’s International Women’s Day we would like to talk about our investment in our supply chain partners and for this amazing project in Peru. During 2024 we are funding the construction of Casa Café Femenino in the Jose Huanama Community. This will be a community centre for gatherings and will also be used as a temporary shelter for women and children fleeing abuse or violence.

5th March 2024

Dark Woods Coffee / B Corp Score 147.4

This is big news! This week we have been recertified as a B Corp, with an outstanding score of 147.4, reflecting our commitment to environmental and social sustainability.  

23rd February 2024

Removing Caffeine With Kindness

For our much-loved Lamplight Decaf we have always used washed Central American coffees that have been "Swiss Water Processed". This means they are decaffeinated in fresh water without the use of the kind of harsh chemicals associated with cheaper processes. It is scary to think that many commercial grade decaf coffees have spent time in the kind of industrial solvents that you’d really prefer to be kept as far away from your kitchen as possible.

7th February 2024

Producer Focus - Gui Ben (China)

At Dark Woods we are fortunate to work with some exceptional coffee producers and many of these become lasting relationships that we return to year on year. In the first of what we hope to be a monthly series we would like to share with you some of the stories behind the farmers and importers that make what we do possible. Focusing on a different Producer Series coffee each month I will explore the relationship history and share my thoughts on how best to brew and enjoy these ever changing and unique single estate coffees. -

22nd January 2024

Golden Fork Nominee- El Placer Yellow Fruits / Great Taste Awards 2023

Golden Fork Nominee! El Placer ‘Yellow Fruits’ scooped a 3-star award earlier this month, and it has now been announced that it was one of the highest scoring products, meaning Dark Woods Coffee is now in the running to win a Great Taste Golden Fork: the highest accolades in the food and drink world.

14th August 2023

Ethiopia Trip 2022 / Sidama Pinnacle Release

In the Autumn of 2022, I finally boarded my flight to Addis Ababa for my long-postponed visit to see our friend Ashenafi, and his team at Ardent Coffee in Ethiopia. This trip was originally planned and booked for March 2020 but, of course we all know what happened then…

31st July 2023

Plastic-Free, Compostable, Kilogram Bags

This month is Plastic-Free July, a global initiative to highlight the need for, and progress towards, removing more plastic from our every-day lives. We are using Plastic-Free July to highlight some of the steps we, at Dark Woods Coffee, are taking towards becoming plastic-free.

24th July 2023

Producer Focus - Sebastian Ramirez's El Placer

Sebastian Ramirez's El Placer, based in Calarca, Quindio, is a truly pioneering farm. We really feel that Sebastian is a producer at the top of his game right now, delivering complex, yet delicious and drinkable, coffees.

9th November 2022

Producer Focus - Mikava Coffee

This month’s producer focus is Mikava Coffee from the highlands of Risaralda, Colombia. Harvesting some of the finest beans around, their approach has focused on both heritage and modern varietals of Arabica, and experimental, extended fermentations on the coffee cherries. The results are heaven in a cup. 

11th October 2022

Producer Focus - Ardent Coffee Export, Ethiopia

Ethiopia, its coffee and its people, are close to our hearts.

1st February 2022

Great Taste Awards 2021: Producer Focus

In a new series of articles, we focus on some of the producers who have helped us to achieve success in the Great Taste Awards for another year. This time, we exploring our relationship with our friend Paul and his team at Mikava in Colombia.

24th September 2021

Great Taste Awards 2021

The 2021 Great Taste Awards results were announced this week and Dark Woods Coffee has won an astonishing thirteen awards in the Guild of Fine Food's annual speciality food and drink competition.

23rd September 2021

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